Way back in 2010, I decided it was about time for me to learn how to write an iPhone app. The newest device was the iPhone 3gs, running iOS 3.0. I needed an idea, a seed to build a project around. Since childhood I had been fascinated by fractals, using the computer to draw mathematical / geometric images, and it occurred to me that while zooming into a fractal, one could use the device itself to steer, by tilting. Thus, “FraxFlyer” was born.

An early demo was shown to Benoit Mandelbrot himself at the TED 2010 conference, which provided further inspiration to develop the project. Countless revisions later, now in collaboration with interface and content designer Kai (Big Kai, for those who know) and  fellow fractal enthusiast and web magician Tom Beddard, we are on the brink of shipping our first-ever iPhone/iPad app, Frax!

I’ll be posting updates as we go about tidbits from the project, tech details, anecdotes, math nuggets, and the like. Setting up now to go to Apple’s WWDC, suitcase full of T-shirts and postcards. The first long phase is over, and the second, much more exciting phase is about to begin!

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1 Response to Frax!

  1. gitte says:

    hey there
    I really like your program frax. I have seen the result of people using it. Unfortunately I dont have any mac product .( so Im wondering if you could convert it to PC? I really would love that.

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