Ben is a veteran of the computer graphics industry, holder of numerous software patents and awards. His work has been presented at Siggraph, and licensed to major industry players over the years. From cutting his teeth at MetaTools in the 90’s on the KPT plugins and software, he has gone on to consult for Apple, Google, Microsoft, and startups including Picasa and Seadragon.

Based in Southern California, Ben is also an accomplished freediver, with a seven-minute breath-hold, competing for Team USA on the international stage. An avid environmentalist, he drives a Tesla electric sedan powered exclusively by solar panels, and would always prefer that waste be kept to a minimum — particularly when CPU cycles are involved!


2 Responses to About

  1. Reinhardt Vogt says:

    Any relation to Ben Weiss from Hebrew Univ., Jerusalem?

  2. Ben Weiss says:

    Different Ben Weiss, but it looks like he’s done some work on fractals / dynamical systems as well. Fun to see!

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